COP-25 : India put forward its speech in front of 5 developed countries
COP-25 : India put forward its speech in front of 5 developed countries

In the COP-25 Climate Dialogue, India taking dig at developed countries, said that they should fulfill their responsibility to deal with this threat. Central Forest and Environment minister Prakash Javadekar said that the developed country should meet all its goals including a trillion dollar green fund.

While addressing a high level session on Tuesday, Javadekar raised five issues related to the interest of India, in which the developed countries remain obstructed. He said that the developed countries have not met the goals of Kyoto protocol. Now a year later, the Paris Agreement will start. In such a situation, giving developed countries three years time, they should be given the responsibility to fulfill the goals of Kyoto. Under this emission by up to 25-40 percent.

Second the developed countries promised a trillion dollar green fund in 10 years.While gave only two percent of it. They fulfill this promise. So that the poor and developing countries should be ready to deal with this danger. He also said that it should not be added to help of the privet sector.

In the third, Javadeker said that developed countries should provide green technology. We are facing disasters which is asking for technology to deal with, not to make profit, he suggested the need for joint research for ths

The fourth issue was raised by Javadekar of the carbon market (CDM) operated under the Kyoto protocol should be continued in Article-6 of the Paris agreement so that the companies which have invested in carbon trending should also benefit from it.The developed country is not in favor of counting further carbon trading under the provision of the Kyoto Protocol

Javadekar has raised the fifth issue of climate damage. He said that under the Warsaw International Mechanism, financial assistance should be damage caused by climate change. India has to reduce emissions by 35 percent by 2030, while achieving 21 percent reduction.

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