Sana marin of Finland becomes world’s youngest PM
Sana marin of Finland becomes world’s youngest PM

Finland’s leader of Social Democratic Party and 34 years old, transport minister Sana Marine becomes world youngest PM ever. This Sunday Sana replaced her own party leader Antti Rinne. On Tuesday, Antti Rinne resigned from his own PM position. He is failed to settle Post strike, that is continue from the last one month. So that he lost support of his one alliance party.

Who is Sana marine?

Sana marine was born in 16 November, 1985 in Finland. She is child of same sex partner. She is graduate in Administrative Science from Tampiyar University in the age of 27 year old. Last June she became the Transport and telecom minister.

Youngest President of nations

  • Ukraine’s PM Oleksiy Honcharuk, in the age of 35 years.
  • El Salvador’ s President Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez in the age of 38 years.
  • New zealand’s Prime minister Jacinda Ardern in the age of 39.
  • Haiti’s Prime Minister Fritz-William Michel  in the age of 39.


Marine became council head in Tamapre Nagar in the age of 27. In 2015 she became the member of parliament. In June 2019, she became the transport and telecom minister.

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